Giving Thanks To The People
Making The World A Little Brighter

Everyday, there is someone at Huntington Memorial Hospital whose life is a little brighter because of S. Robert and Denise Zeilstra. They have been a tremendous friend of the Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program as well as the entire Huntington Memorial Hospital.

This past year, Mr. and Mrs. Zeilstra contributed funds to help refine pre-diagnostic procedures using the MEG unit. With only 40 units of its kind in the world, this cutting edge research is gaining much interest in the medical community. Not only has the research helped increase our understanding of the cure for epilepsy, but it has also helped to advance our understanding of other neurological disorders.

Six scientific abstracts were presented during December, 2000 at the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting. Many distinguished physicians and scientists attended a tour of the MEG following the meetings.

Through Mr. and Mrs. Zeilstra's gifts, this research is now available to many physicians throughout the world.

With special appreciation from the entire team at the Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program, we thank Mr. and Mrs. Zeilstra for their generous support and kindness.

Special Thanks To Our Ketogenic Diet
Families And Supporters

The Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program would like to especially thank all of the Ketogenic Diet families for their tremendous on-going support with special thanks to the Southern and Dragoo Families for organizing two charitable golf tournaments which helped generate funds and public awareness for the advancement of the Diet.

After watching their three grandsons, J.R., Alexander and Sydney Southern become seizure and medication free on the Ketogenic Diet, Tom and Nena Dragoo felt compelled to help other children in need of the diet by creating the "Southern Family Ketogenic Diet Golf Tournament."

Peter Van Wier, general manager of Modesto Auto Sales was also inspired to create a $25 charitable donation to the Diet for every car sold. His nephew, Justin Hein is now seizure free and medication free.

Jim and Nancy Abrahams, co-founders of the Charlie Foundation contributed video production following the success of eight pediatric patients and their families.

The Charlie Foundation will match every dollar raised up to $15,000 making a possible $30,000 dollars in charitable contributions available. Jim Abrahams produced the film "First Do No Harm," starring Meryl Streep which has helped thousands of families throughout the country.

The Robertson family of Kenya, Africa has been instrumental in creating a resource library and support group for families in their country. Fifteen year old, Emilie Roberston, has been progressing quite well on the diet and managing what once were hundreds of seizures to almost none.

An Overview Of Huntington
Memorial Hospital

Founded in 1892, Huntington Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit 589 bed tertiary care regional medical center serving the San Gabriel Valley.

The Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. It is also an affiliate of Southern California Healthcare Systems.

Today, the Hospital offers a range of more than 90 programs and services, including everything from basic health care to the most specialized programs of cardiology, emergency/trauma, women's and children's health, cancer diagnosis and treatment, psychiatry, surgery and neurological disorders.

Huntington Hospital also offers research and treatment centers for such medical specialities as asthma, allergy, reproductive disorders, liver disease and sleep disorders.

With the highest-rated level of experience and technology in high risk maternity and neonatology in the San Gabriel Valley, Huntington is the region's resource for critically ill newborns and complicated pregnancies and deliveries. The Hospital offers the region's only Level III neonatal intensive care unit.

Huntington's emergency department serves more than 40,000 patients annually. The department also serves as the base station for local paramedic units.

In addition, Huntingtion is the only hospital in San Gabriel Valley designated for trauma care by the Los Angeles County's Department of Health Services.

The trauma center provides lifesaving treatment to more than 600 patients annually.

Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program is affiliated with Huntington Hospital and Huntington Medical Research Institutes.

The Hospital is a teaching affiliate with the University of Southern California (USC) School of Medicine and several other nursing schools and colleges. Many of the Huntington's physicians serve as clinical faculty members at USC School of Medicine and as research associates of the California Institute of Technology (CalTech.)

Huntington Hospital is an approved provider of continuing education by the California Board of Registered Nursing. The Hospital is also an approved provider by California Licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists and Personnel.

An Overview Of Huntington
Medical Research Institutes

Huntington Medical Research Institutes (HMRI) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health and prolonging life by enhancing knowledge of life processes and disease and by developing technology to help diagnose and treat disease.

Founded in 1952, HMRI has pioneered many medical advancements such as the hydrocephalus shunt to relieve "water on the brain;" electronic systems for the control of epilepsy and rehabilitation of neural function; the first clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS) laboratories in the western United States; new insights into the mechanisms and growth factors of cancer, sterotactic neurosurgical devices that locate and remove minute brain tumors; metabolic studies on diseases of the heart and coronary vessels; and special devices for MRI detection of prostatic cancer.

HMRI conducts internationally recognized research programs in cancer, heart and neurological disease, cell biology, molecular oncology and cancer genetics, neurosurgery and magnetic resonance.

In addition, HMRI provides advanced training in magnetic resonance spectroscopy, co-sponsors postdoctoral fellowships with CalTech and conducts mentor programs for college and graduate level science students and the Pasadena Health Careers Academy.

The Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program is affiliated with HMRI and the Huntington Hospital.

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